Comic Pick of the week: Ragnarok #1 (2014 IDW)


Walter (Walt) Simonson is probably best known for his incredible work on Marvel’s Thor in the 80’s. He returns to Norse mythology this week with IDW’s Ragnarok #1, featuring tales of the the destruction of the Nine Worlds. It looks like this comic, in true Simonson fashion, puts a new spin on the tale and I’m sure there will be some stunning art and great twists in the first issue.


Simonson revitalized Thor in 1983 (issue #337) with the introduction of Beta Ray Bill and a very original cover (seen above). His art and creative storytelling helped Thor gain the popularity he enjoys today. I actually found a beat up copy of this comic last year and it is one I really treasure. Beta Ray Bill is a badass warrior and I’m sure Ragnarok will introduce many more. Both covers on this one look great and are already sold out. I would get this comic if you can for the read but also for the potential value. Rangarok #1 (2014 IDW) comes out tomorrow, July 23rd.