I am Jack’s feeling of uncontrollable excitement


I will start off with two disclaimers. One: If you haven’t read or seen Fight Club ( the 1996 book and 1999 film) written by Chuck Palahniuk and directed by David Fincher, then there are some serious movie-ruining spoilers ahead. Two: I am obsessed with Chuck Palahniuk and everything he has done (with the exception of Pygmy) in his writing career. I’ll admit my bias when it comes to both his style and subject matter. I am Jack’s unending admiration.

While Chuck let it slip that he was working on a graphic novel sequel to Fight Club last year, USA TODAY published an interview confirming many more details on the upcoming novel from Dark Horse. When I first got wind of the sequel I was upset as I assumed it would be a film, made without Palahniuk’s consent, pumped full of marketing money with many a spoiler in the trailers. After all, it is the twist in the third act of Fight Club that makes the film so memorable. I will never forget it as being the first film I saw with a shocking twist on the scale of The Usual Suspects, The Sixth Sense, or Memento. I am Jack’s sense of shock and delight.

In the 1996 novel, The Narrator, AKA Jack, ends up shooting himself to destroy his alter ego, Tyler Durden. With this act, he saves humanity from the pervasive and steadily growing cult that is Project Mayhem. The Narrator goes to heaven (mental hospital), has an argument with God (hospital director) and the novel ends under the assumption Tyler might return some day. I am Jack’s need for closure.


In a rare instance of an author preferring a film’s adaptation, Palahniuk has often said he wished he had ended the book the same way as the movie, with Jack failing to kill himself, holding Marla Singer and watching the five major banks in the U.S. explode in front of him. For this reason I was surprised but pleased that the graphic novel would not be a sequel to the film. I actually tend to prefer the ending of the book. The line, ” Yeah. Well. Whatever. You can’t teach God anything.” Is pure, poetic Palahniuk. I am Jack’s use of alliteration.


This graphic novel is being illustrated by Toronto’s own Cameron Stewart, best known for his work on DC’s Catwoman and his many collaborations with Grant Morrison. I personally cannot wait to see the continuation of The Narrator’s story and what causes him to get sucked back into the Project Mayhem world. It is great to see more films based on comics and graphic novels but I think it is even more important that folks from other industries are using comic books to extend their stories. Tarantino released a Django Unchained series last year to expand on the film based on his original screenplay and director’s cut. The books were fantastic and were definitely not the typical prequel/ movie tie-in books that are churned out for blockbuster flicks. I am Jack’s appreciation for comics.

I think in the future this graphic novel will become a film. I am a little nervous given the fact that I doubt Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Helena Bonham-Carter and David Fincher will be involved but you never know. If they are involved, I expect the film to be incredible. If they are not involved, then I have serious concerns. Either way we will get to see the return of some of the most interesting literary characters of the 20th century in a completely different medium in 2015. I am Jack’s unbridled excitement.




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