The Nitty Gritty World of Star Wars

From the few clips we have seen of J.J. Abrams on the set of Episode VII it looks like Star Wars is going back to the aesthetic that made the original trilogy stand out. As you can see in the newest video, J.J. shows off the new and improved(?) X-wing. it is dirty, damaged, and real. No CGI here and that is cause for excitement. The planets  in the original trilogy were diverse but they looked REAL. Yes they had their extremes. Hoth was a world of ice, Tatooine a desolate desert planet. These locations looked realistic. The world was dirty, or frozen, or sandy, or muddy. You could feel the grit of the world and the use of real locations and real props and animatronics created this feel. Episodes I-III lost this with Lucas’ excessive use of CGI. I saw Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D last year and the CGI scenes didn’t exactly stand the test of time. The animatronics still looked flawless. Seeing this full sized X-wing gave me chills. I trust Abrams to do this right and this small clip makes me even more excited.


I’d also like to mention that this clip is for the Star Wars: Force for Change in support of UNICEF. It’s an awesome fundraiser and you can read more about it here: LINK.

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